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Expertise in magnetic agitator systems
Our magnetic stirrer heads or magnetic stirrer drives can be used for glass apparatuses under vacuum or without pressure and for high-pressure reactors up to 700 bars in laboratory and technological scale. The torque ranges from 20 Ncm to 50 Nm. Outside the standard range, we develop, design and manufacture extensive variants of magnetic stirrer heads and magnetic stirrer drives. We convert already available stirrer devices per request.

Compact and powerful magnetic stirrer intromic - our latest development

Technical specifications
  • Magnetic stirrer drive intromic Art.Nr. 129977
  • Torque of the magnetic coupling 3 Nm
  • Heidolph laboratory drive designed for 4 Nm,
  • with Indication of torque tendencies. A 2-gear stage design guarantees highest power over the entire speed range
  • Speed range of 200-2,000 rpm.
  • Operating pressure 250 bar
  • Operating temperature 200°C
  • Material WNo. 1.4435, other materials on request
  • Flat seal ø48/40.5 x 2 mm (provided by the customer)
  • Pressure ring ø 115 x 25 mm, Pitch circle ø 90mm, 8 Stk. hexagonal screws M12 x 50 mm
  • Deep groove ball bearings
  • Conical stirrer shaft connection with M8 x 1 mm thread at the end
  • Dimensions (ø / D / H) 90 x 244 x 694 mm
  • Weight approx. 18 kg

Heidolph Antrieb Details
  • Standard model Heidolph Hei-TORQUE Value, designed to mix and disperse media that require non-reproducible results in high-viscosity applications
  • Indication of torque tendencies to monitor viscosity changes
  • Digital 2.4” display for ease of operation
  • Power rating motor input 150 W
  • IP 54
  • Rotation speed range 10 - 400 U/min 20 - 2.000 rpm
  • High-end model Torque Precision (surcharge). The professional stirrer for demanding tasks: several options for individual settings as ramps and interval operation. USB and RS 232 interfaces allow for documentation and reproducibility, e.g. with the free Hei-Control software (for up to four devices).

Heidolph stirrer drive 150 W

Torque Value model used as standard. If more demanding applications are required, such as the adjustment of ramp function or interval operation, and if reproducibility of the processes additionally needs to be guaranteed via Hei-Control software, we then recommend model Hei-TORQUE Precision (extra price).

Digital 2.4” display for ease of operation.
Indication of torque tendencies to monitor viscosity changes.

Flange connection of intromic
Pressure ring ø 115 x 25 mm, pitch circle. ø 90 mm, 8 Stk. 6-Kt screws M12 x 50 mm

13 pressure ring
15 6-Kt screws
21 output shaft complete
22 deep groove ball bearings
24 locking screw