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Batch high-pressure reactor
This model offers a stepless and smooth-running lifting device by means of a hydraulic cylinder. All fittings are fixed to the lid and the reactor is ready for operation at 200 bar and 200°C.

The reactor kartago is equipped with the proven jaw closure and a clean and efficient electric heater

The reactor vessel is removed from the heating/cooling body.

Technical data of the exhibition model
  • Nominal volume 380 ml
  • Operating pressure 200 bar
  • Operating temperature 200°C
  • Reactor vessel and lid in WNo. 1.4435, fittings WNo. AISI 316L
  • Quick release: Jaw closure
  • Magnetic agitator head macline, coupled via a flexible agitator coupling to the laboratory drive
  • Laboratory drive from Heidolph, designed for 1 Nm (optional IKA model).
  • Speed setting 200-2,000 rpm. and data readout via display
  • Torque of the magnetic coupling 60 Ncm
  • Immersion tube with temperature sensor 2x Pt100
  • Spring pressure safety valve 200 bar
  • Valve for gas supply
  • Valve with dip tube to bottom of the reactor for sampling or emptying
  • Valve for product addition
  • Pressure gauge 0-250 bar
  • Electric heating (optional double jacket for thermal oil)
  • Dimensions (W x TXH) approx. 510 x 500 x 1223 mm

A hydrogenation application

The batch reactor kartago is supplemented in this application by a 100 ml addition vessel (including agitator system) for catalyst medium. Operating conditions of addition vessel: 100 ml, 90 bar, WNo. 1.4435. Operating conditions kartago: Nominal volume 1000 ml, 90 bar, 150°C, WNo. 2.4602 and HC components.