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Magnetic stirrer drive “airnovel” with air motor and M30 x 2 mm connection

A successful symbiosis
The air-series is a range of magnetic stirrer drives that can do it all and, to top it off, there are numerous advantages. This is how an air motor in a slim line fits in the thread version M30 x 2 mm. The version with an M30 x 2 mm thread permits use under a pressure of up to 700 bar, depending on the material, and can be easily screwed onto an autoclave cover.

"airnovel" - clean-cut design and technical facts:
  • Connection to the reactor lid M30 x 2 mm, sealed to the reactor lid with a cutting ring (HC 22).
  • Permanent magnetic coupling with a torque of 40 Ncm, 60 Ncm or 90 Ncm.
  • The magnetic stirrer lock is made from stainless steel Mat.No. 1.4435 (316L), Mat.No. 1.4980 (660), Mat.No. 2.4602 (Hastelloy® C22) and is available in other materials.
  • Operating pressure 200 bar, except the variant of Mat.No. 1.4980 up to 700 bar.
  • Operating temperature up to max. 300°C.
  • The speed control is infinitely variable through a control valve and can be read off an analog speedometer.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings are used in the variant with a max. speed of 1,750 rev/min. Friction bearings PTFE/carbon are used in the HC version with a max. speed of 1,150 rev/min.
  • Agitator tools made from the materials mentioned can be mounted as gas injection stirrers, disk stirrers, anchor stirrers or diagonal blade stirrers.
  • The 'air' series does away with a cardan coupling. There are thereby less vibrations in the stirring system and overall height is reduced.
  • Maximum total length of 349 mm.
  • The complete stirring system is delivered with ATEX certification.


An "airnovel" is on the rise!

The example shows the air-driven magnetic stirrer drive airnovel, 90 Ncm, mounted on a high pressure reactor 200 bar, 1000 ml and 250°C. Depending on the material, it can be used up to 700 bar and 300°C, owing to its structural design. The advantage of this series is the extremely compact design compared to similar explosion-proof electric drives. The complete agitating unit is designed for use in EX zones (ATEX).