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airplay / aircop

Magnetic stirrer drives with pneumatic motor and conical connection. The "airplay" with NS 29/32 and "aircop" with NS 45/40

Modern and memorable
The proved technology of the pneumatic motor, combined with a magnetic stirrer is a new line. We present the combinations with a flanged connection, two conical versions or a threaded connection.

All-round function
The "air-" assembly consists of a permanent magnetic coupling and compressed air motor connected by a flange. Therefore, a cardan coupling is not required. The stirring system operates with little vibration and significantly reduces the height. Speed control is carried out variably using a fine adjustment valve and can be read out analog on a tachometer. The complete stirring system is supplied with an ATEX certificate. Different stirring tools can be installed on the drive shaft of ø 7 mm.

Basic data, "airplay" and "aircop"
  •  Conical connection NS 29/32 for airplay NS 45/40 for aircop
  • Torques of the magnetic coupling 40 Ncm, 60 Ncm or 90 Ncm
  • Material WNo. 1.4435 (AISI 316L) or WNo. 2.4602 (HC22)
  • Operating temperature up to a max. 240°C for the stainless steel design and 250°C for HC
  • Steel ball bearing for the stainless steel version, with a max. speed of 1750 rpm.
  • Friction bearing PTFE/carbon for the HC design, with a max. speed of 1150 rpm.
  • Viton O-Rings for 240°C and Kalrez or FFKM for 250°C
  • Drive shaft of the magnetic agitator ø 7 mm
  • PLR compressed air laboratory agitator with a rating of 200 W at an operating pressure of 6 bar, rotation right
  • Compressed air consumption 260l/min. at 6 bar. Support tube ø 14 mm with hose sleeve ø 9 mm
  • PLR compressed air laboratory agitator with analog speed display
  • Max. total length airplay 319 mm and aircop 332 mm


Example of application in Figure 2

The figure shows a magnetic agitating drive Type airplay, driven by compressed air, with joint, 90 Ncm, NS 29/32 on a 3 litre, double-jacket reaction vessel, with a cover NW 150. Depending on the reaction vessel, this series can be used for operation under vacuum and at temperatures up to 250°C. The complete agitating unit is designed for use in EX zones (ATEX).