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High class uniquely staged!
The superior technology of the P-Line was transferred to a scale-up in the H-Line. With the H-Line, we present you our flagship of the autoclaves, the "hyper". Rated volumes of more than 100 lt. and up to a max. 300 lt. speaks for it.


Basic data
High pressure autoclave hpm "hyper", 100 lt., 80 bar, 230°C in Mat. No. 1.4571 (AISI 316Ti) or other material on request (versions).

Welded construction of three forgings (round base, cylindrical pipe, flange ring)
Our example shows a model on 3 legs with floor attachment. The autoclave cover is raised by a pneumatic cylinder. The cover is closed by extension bolts and nuts and a flange seal, an O-Ring, seals it. We also offer flat seals.

Fittings and bores in the cover
  • 1 x immersion pipe for 2 x Type K sensor in the medium
  • 1 x manometer in 0-100 bar
  • 1 x pressure sensor 0-100 bar = 4-20 mA (option). Manometer, as well as pressure sensor is also available as Ex (option).
  • 1 x Sitec valve with immersion pipe ø 20x1 mm to the base for sampling
  • 1 x bore 1 1/2" for product inlet
  • 1 x bore 1 1/2" for pressure relief
  • 1 x bore 1 1/2" for gas feed
  • 1 x bore with spring-pressure safety valve checked by the Technical Inspection Authority 80 bar or bursting protect

Magnetic stirrer drive
Magnetic stirrer drive mrk 54.2 "isodrive" (40 Nm) with planetary roll gearing and speed adjustment of 0-550 rpm by a handwheel. (Ex as an option). A three-phase motor, regulated by a potentiometer via a frequency converter, is also an option (versions)
The magnetic stirring drive is sealed with an O-Ring or metal on metal to the cover and its quietness is assured by the ball bearing on the drive shaft. Other bearings on request.
The stirrer can be selected individually according to your application. Our example shows it directly under the cover baffle in the form of a flat bar, a centrifugal disc, the stirrer shaft attachment by two half-shells and particularly important, three inclined blade stirrers on the same shaft. These stirrer blades are even height adjustable.

Heating / cooling elements
In our example, we assume electrical heating of 3x400 V and approx. 30 kW. As an option, a double-jacket design is also available (versions). The cooling is then carried out by heat transfer oil and is controlled by the heat/cooling thermostats.
The electrical versions include temperature sensors 2 x Type K in the heating/cooling manifold and a cooling spiral externally. It is completed with insulation on the rear and a chrome-steel jacket. The cooling water valve is located on the insulation jacket, 24V (NO).

Safety and acceptance
The complete autoclave system can be manufactured in the Ex-protection.
Also, a complete Atex-acceptance for the system is possible.
The basis for the calculations are based on the Swiss TS or Technical Inspection Authority.

Thanks to its comprehensive safety disposition, we have distinguished it with a maximum mark!

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