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In the market segment of small autoclaves, under the A-Line, premex offers the "andorra", "apart", "avalon" and "avalon plus". Four models with varying performance characteristics. In their field of application, they are unbeatable in their modularity, dimensions and design.

A masterpiece of options!

The plus in performance!
With the "avalon plus", the autoclave world is much better and more varied! We have developed the parallel system "avalon" to a maximum. The highlights on which you can count are:
  • A mobile frame that provides a support for the heating/cooling elements with its small autoclaves
  • A rear connection station, also known as gas path
  • For careful removal of the autoclave cover, special brackets are provided on the frame.
  • A swivelling table support for your PC
  • A support for the controllers ordino CS400
  • Sufficient storage space for your equipment


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