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The art of the big entrance!
Externally, the modern parallel construction "avalon" appears as elegant, distinct and expressive. But the inner values also are convincing: The "avalon" assures its four small autoclaves much freedom, in so much that they can be independently heated, cooled and controlled.

As the basis, a four-fold frame with independent heating units counts to its outstanding features. The four complete autoclave units andorra can be removed from the heating/cooling elements. With andorra, that is used here as a module, "avalon" also sovereignly combines all wishes from an autoclave cover with fully integrated magnetic duct, a micro-motor, gas connections and safety attributes. On the rear of the autoclave frame is the plug connection for the heating and thermocouple.

Control unit Ordino CS400
Four in one swoop! The control unit, ordino CS400, permits control of four independent reactor units. The high pressure autoclaves are controlled from the PC, with the provided software. The program is extended with a general side that permits us to record at a glance all systems operated. So that you can successfully control the avalon or avalon plus, it requires two of the "ordino CS400", but only one program unit.


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