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We do not only focus on the correct contents in a secure frame. We also offer many notable beneficial detailed solutions. Thus, we developed the compact small autoclave system varioso for you. It meets at a symbiosis between reactor vivor, a magnetic heating and stirring disc and a completely balanced cooling system. You utilize the stirrer yourself according to your requirements, for example, a magnetic stirring bar.

You can expect something!
The autoclave "vivor" constitutes the core, with its compact 60 ml, an operating temperature of 200°C and material, such as Mat. No. 1.4980 (AISI 660) at 700 bar or Mat. No. 1.4435 (AISI 316L) and HC22 at 300 bar. Regarding safety, we rely on a locknut, conical ring seal and additional O-Ring in Kalrez.

Profit further from the technical "features", such as:
  • 1 Sitec 3-Way valve in Mat. No. 1.4571 with metering shaft
  • 1 Manometer 0-400 bar or 800 bar in Mat. No. 1.4571
  • 1 Bursting disc retainer with bursting disc 300 bar or 700 bar
  • 1 Immersion pipe for temperature sensor, Dia. 3 mm (no temperature sensor)

Very intelligent! Very coveted! The contents include:
  • Heidolph heating disc with magnetic stirrer, diameter 145 mm
  • Insulation jacket and cooling water connection in the dimensions adapted to the heating disc
  • The cooling spiral for water cooling is installed on the copper sleeve in the insulation jacket
  • Supply and return have a M16 x 1 mm connection
  • Additional bore for installation of a temperature sensor, if control is to be via the jacket temperature


The magnetic stirrer heating disc for greatest demands
  • Housing sealed all round against corrosive gases and liquids
  • Protection of the plugs on the rear of the device
  • Stronger stirrer magnet for the reliable pick-up of the stirring bar
  • Optimum safety through overheating protection

The magnetic stirrer heating disc for greatest safety
  • Exclusive magnetic stirrer with 4 safety circuits
  • Inadvertent adjustment of the set temperature is excluded
  • Safety shutdown via a second independent Pt 100 in the heating disc
  • Adjustable safety temperature, at which the device will switch off
  • Digital display for set and actual temperature, safety-T, speed
  • Ensures no exceeding of the selected set temperature (protection of thermolabile substances)
  • Electronically controlled speed, control accuracy ±1%
  • Temperature control via a microprocessor (Fuzzy-Logic)
  • Residual heat display of the heating disc when the device is switched off
  • Medium, temperature sensor connection (accessories, please order separately)
  • Interface RS 232 and analog output Series MR 3004 safety

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