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Premex reactor ag - technology that's one step ahead!

Our "twister" is a top model that sets a fine example. Yet again, we have managed to manufacture an innovative and amazingly versatile product that is meeting with global acclaim.

Well thought out - innovative - flexible
Well thought out - innovative - flexible - that's how we sum up the "twister".

"Flexible", because spiral spring pipes ensure a flexible connection from the autoclave cover to the pressure station, and leave the cover and its fittings free to move onto the securing ring.

"Simply well thought out" - that describes the stand, with a plug strip for easy linkage to the control unit: it also accommodates a swivelling fixture for the agitator motor as well as the entire pressure station.

"Innovative" - that's how we view the popular jaw-type closure up to 200 bar, or the autoclave vessel that can be removed from the heating system as an independent unit.




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