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96er Multireaktor

Almost 100 tests at a stroke
Unbeatable genius: the "96" Multi Reactor with 96 perforable ampoules to perform simultaneous tests . A pneumatic cylinder lifts the reactor cover into various working positions so that you can load and remove the 96 perforable ampoules in just a few minutes.

The "Multi Reactor" features a heating and/or cooling element for heat transfer oil, with 96 openings to accommodate the perforable ampoules which are uniformly heated all round. 96 magnetic agitators are positioned below the heating/cooling element to handle agitation in the ampoules.

The "Multi Reactor" is available for 96, 48, 24 or 12 reaction vessels, and different volumes are also available. The entire system is controlled from a PC.

Technical Data
Volume of perforable ampoules: 5 ml
Operating overpressure: 100 bar
Operating temperature: 200°C
Material Mat. No. 1.4980


A working and transport tray contains the perforable ampoules which are already filled with product and sealed. Lowering the reactor cover drives the needles below the cover into the perforable ampoules (reaction) to supply the gas.


When you lift the reactor cover again, the perforable ampoules are removed from the tray and are suspended on the gassing needles. The reactor cover now moves downwards to lower the vessels into the heating/cooling unit with the integrated agitator drive. The reactor cover is sealed and 96 tests can be started.


After the reaction has been completed, the ampoules can be stripped from the needles with a comb and returned to the tray so that the samples can be evaluated.

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