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  Technical description (PDF, 367 KB)
  Frontpanel (1.3 MB)

Since every high pressure autoclave has its own character, we offer you the "ordino" in different basic models:
  • The CS340 is the basic model for the basic control of a high pressure autoclaves
  • The "CS350" assumes the mean control function in the upper performance range and with options
  • The CS400 assumes control of 4 autoclaves in a single system
  • Unrestricted control options according to your conceptions can be implemented in the individual solution of the CS360

With our controller "CS350", we achieve the control of additional instrumentation for you, such as flow measurement, pressure transducer and more. For the control of these options, we offer you the "CS350" in the 19" housing.

All control units, without control switches, are in the front panel. Operation using the standard computer program is indispensible.

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