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  Technical description (PDF, 353 KB)

No contact - as if by magic
The magnetic agitator function of the "alluro" sometimes seems like magic - but it is tangible reality: power transmission via mutually attracting magnetic fields. Thanks to this principle, the stirrer shaft is driven without any contact at all.

When motor power is added to magnetic power
It is best to connect the "alluro" to the customer's drive motor via a flexible agitator component. The driven shaft of the alluro measures 7 mm as standard. A 6 mm square connection is also available.

At one single stroke
The NS 45/40 conical connection is assigned to the "alluro". But its big brother, the "cirojet", has several connections such as the NS 29/32, the NS 45/40 and (in the pressure range) the M30 x 2 mm connection.


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