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The application of the "redjaro" is fundamentally conceived for glass reactors and, therefore, suitable for the unpressurized or vacuum sector.

The special feature of the "redjaro" is its cone connection NS 29/32. In accordance with the field of application, we manufacture it as standard in stainless steel quality Mat. No. 1.4435 (AlSl 316L) or Hastelloy C22. Designs in Hastelloy C276, B3 or titanium Size 2 on request.

The cone is sealed to the glass reactor by two imperial dimensioned O-Rings in series. Their quality is either viton, EPDM or Kalrez, depending on the medium or temperature.

The load transmission is from the outer magnet ring to the inner. Select the torque according to your viscosity or reactor volume. The selection ranges from 20 Ncm (2lt.), 40 Ncm (4lt.), 60 Ncm (6lt.) up to 90 Ncm (10lt.).

  Technical description (PDF, 848 KB)

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