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  Technical description (PDF, 405 KB)

A clear idea
You have a clear idea as to what a magnetic stirrer head has to do for you. It must be easy to fit on your autoclave cover, it should withstand high pressures and temperatures, and it should also offer a high level of safety. As well as a choice of torques, you naturally expect a speed reading point directly on the driven shaft, a gas feed and high flexibility when changing the stirrer elements.

No problems with the macfix
None of this presents a problem for "macfix", which combines all these attributes. It can be fitted directly onto the autoclave cover with an M30 x 2 mm connection. It is safety-sealed with a metal die ring. Its torque of 20-90 Ncm ensures a strong performance. A special flanged-on part with an Imbus screw ensures that the stirrer system can be changed quickly. And it also features a gas feed through an intake at the side and a speed reading - two more plus points.

In short: the "macfix" - a successful brand.


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