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Unmistakably a magnetic stirrer drive from premex
You can't mistake a magnetic stirrer drive from premex. You can tell at first glance - the long, lean design speaks a language of its own.

"funrun" - a shining example
Let us introduce you to the "funrun" as a shining example. A magnetic coupling from 20-90 Ncm, speed reading point, a gas feed valve and the drive: these are the key traits of the funrun. You can choose from two types of drive with a nominal power of 120 Watt: either the rotary current motor, activated via a frequency converter, or a "Planetroll" ball-roller transmission in an Ex-version.

The shaft bearing can cope with everything
This line can be extended with versions in titanium, Tantal and Inconel. We stock stainless steel qualities for you such as mat. no. 1.4435 (AISI 316) and mat. no. 1.4980 (AISI 660) as well as the C22 in acid-resistant materials. And of course, we also consider the bearing in relation to the different materials - so the shaft can be universally used for the ball bearing and slide bearing variants.


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