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Red has style!

We developed and created an ambitious collection for you with esprit. The refreshing result that we present to you here is the redvoy. It can be installed directly in an autoclave cover without a flange.

The result is a special dynamic load transmission from the outer magnet ring, through opposing magnetic fields, to the inner ring. With this unique procedure, it can be stirred absolutely gas tight, because the load is transmitted through the metallic wall. We call the load transmitted the driving torque. We offer this torque from 20-90 Ncm, depending on the volume of the reactor or viscosity.

Of course, the "redvoy" in the RED-Line configuration has the correct composition of components. Thus, on the drive shaft, adjacent to the central inner magnets, there is a double bearing and the pulse sensor. The latter is responsible for recording the speed.

  Technical description (PDF, 794 KB)

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