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  Technical description (PDF, 290 KB)

Bound to make the hit parade
The "minisprint" from premex is bound to be a hit. A micromotor combined with a minimised magnetic coupling - that's the concept behind the "minisprint".
Special visual treats: a styled aluminium cylinder which surrounds the magnetic bell and the sprightly 24V/DC motor. At a maximum speed of 1,500 rpm, the "minisprint" magnetic stirrer drive certainly gets moving!

Changing the bearings is child's play
The M18 x 1 mm threaded connection can be extended for individual adaptation to your reactor cover. This guarantees that you can easily change the bearings from the bottom of the reactor cover without dismantling the "minisprint". You only need to slacken the locking nut on the lower edge of the cover, and then you can pull out the driven shaft (fitted with the internal magnet, the pulser and two bearings).

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